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Spiced Granola Recipe

spicedgranola6spicedgranola7spicedgranola1Granola is super easy to make and so much healthier than the store-bought stuff containing loads of sugar and unhealthy fats. This version makes your house smell like apple pie, because of the spices! The mix we used is called

DIY Quartz Pendant Choker

choker001choker2choker1Past trends are constantly being reinvented and right now a very familiar accessory has been making a comeback: the choker necklace. For us, (tattoo) chokers are the most 90’s thing ever. Yet, they actually date all the way back to

DIY embroidered socks

sokken01socks4-2socks6 February is such a cold month! Shops are already selling their spring collections, but buying a blouse or a pair of sandals at this time of the year can be quite disappointing, since there is no way that you will

DIY embellished gloves

handschoentjes4Looking cute while feeling like you’re turning into somewhat of a snowman isn’t always the easiest thing if you ask us. A pair of pretty gloves however, can really spruce up your winter outfit in an instant. But buying a

Easter Rocky Roads with Matcha

rockyroad2rockyroad9-2rockyroad7Easter, ‘Pasen’ in Dutch, is a very popular holiday in the Netherlands because of the many typical Dutch customs. Eating ‘paasstol’ (bread filled with almond paste), Easter bonfires, Paaspop (music festival that lasts three days), playing ‘eitje tik’ (banging two

DIY flower napkin rings

napkinrings11A while ago we came across some beautiful faux flower napkin rings at the Zara Home website. This inspired us to make our own! They are surprisingly easy to make and won’t take a long time at all. You can …

Yumiko Higuchi

yumikohiguchi3Whilst browsing the ever so interesting world of Pinterest (we could seriously live there), we kept coming across these insanely beautiful embroideries by Yumiko Higuchi. Even while searching for crafts books on Etsy, her name kept coming up. We have …

DIY leather laptop sleeve

laptopsleeveresultAfter purchasing a new laptop I’ve been trying to find a laptop case or sleeve that was affordable and pretty, but it was harder than I thought! After a while I realized that I could make one myself just as