DIY embellished gloves

handschoentjes4Looking cute while feeling like you’re turning into somewhat of a snowman isn’t always the easiest thing if you ask us. A pair of pretty gloves however, can really spruce up your winter outfit in an instant. But buying a pair of cute gloves can be quite a difficult task, while making these yourself is actually super easy! This isn’t really a tutorial since it’s so simple, but just a little idea to brighten up some simple knitted gloves.

handschoentjes1What you’ll need:

  • A pair of knitted gloves
  • Beads, pearls
  • Needle & Thread

handschoentjes2Step 1: Arrange the beads on the gloves

Step 2: Sew the beads on to the gloves

handschoentjesmetsneeuwAnd you’re already done! Super easy right?


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