DIY flower napkin rings

napkinrings11A while ago we came across some beautiful faux flower napkin rings at the Zara Home website. This inspired us to make our own! They are surprisingly easy to make and won’t take a long time at all. You can make your own variations, just pick out whichever flowers you think look pretty together. Natural looking faux flowers can be a little expensive, since a lot of them are made from silk, but then again you can make a lot of napkin rings with only a couple of stems (and they will definitely not turn out costing more than the Zara ones!). These are perfect for a cosy dinner in the backyard on a sunny day, or for brightening up a cold, cloudy winter day with a touch of spring.

 What you’ll need:

  • Several faux flowers
  • Glue gun
  • Floral tape
  • Pliers or a pair of scissors
  • Tape

napkinrings1Step 1:  Cut the flowers and leaves from the long stems, always leaving a little bit to work with (don’t throw the stems away!)

Step 2: Form rings using the big stems, tightly closing them with with tape

napkinrings2 Step 3: Now the fun part starts! Create a tiny bouquet

Step 4: Starting with the lowest part of your bouquet, glue the leaves and flowers on to the ring using the glue gun (don’t worry if they’re not that secure yet)

napkinrings3 Step 5: Wrap the floral tape around the bouquet while stretching the tape a little, securing the leaves and flowers tightly, and continuing till the whole ring is covered

napkinrings4Done! You can make all kinds of variations, for every seasons and type of dish.


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