DIY leather laptop sleeve

laptopsleeveresultAfter purchasing a new laptop I’ve been trying to find a laptop case or sleeve that was affordable and pretty, but it was harder than I thought! After a while I realized that I could make one myself just as easy and make it exactly the way I want it to look. I used genuine leather for this tutorial, but if you don’t want to use real leather, or just want a material that is a bit cheaper, it’s also possible to use faux leather.

laptopsleeveWhat you’ll need:

  • Large piece of leather, at least 4 cm wider than your laptop and three times the size of your laptop long
  • Thread, either the color of the leather or a bright color of your preference
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Good pair of scissors
  • Holepunch
  • Needle

laptopsleeve1Step 1: Mark the piece of leather, 2 cm wider than your laptop on each side and three times your laptop long

laptopsleeve2Step 2: Cut the leather

laptopsleeve4Step 3: Measure and cut two straps, 1 cm wide and three times your laptop long

laptopsleeve3Step 4: Make markings every 1 cm on one side of the piece of leather and use these marking to punch holes

laptopsleeve5Step 5: Fit your laptop in the piece of leather the way it needs to be sewn, and sew the side you just put holes in

laptopsleeve6Step 6: Check if the laptop fits snugly into the sleeve (but also considering you need a bit of space to sew), if not, cut some off of the side, be careful not to cut too much off! I ended up cutting about 1,5cm

Step 7: Measure and punch holes in the other side of the piece of leather as you did with the previous side and sew it

laptopsleeve8The sleeve should now look something like this!

You can now shorten the flap if you want to. I shortened it by a centimeter or two

laptopsleeve7Step 8: Measure and punch hole in the remaining side of the flap. Sew the remaining sides (as decoration)

laptopsleeve9Step 9: Mark the middle of the back of the sleeve

laptopsleeve10Step 10: Punch three holes at one end of both straps, each 1 cm apart

Step 11: Sew the straps onto marking the back of the sleeve, on top of each other but in opposite directions.

laptopsleeve11The sleeve should now look something like this from the back! If when tying the straps the ends are too long, cut some off. And you’re done!


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