Easter Rocky Roads with Matcha

rockyroad2rockyroad9-2rockyroad7Easter, ‘Pasen’ in Dutch, is a very popular holiday in the Netherlands because of the many typical Dutch customs. Eating ‘paasstol’ (bread filled with almond paste), Easter bonfires, Paaspop (music festival that lasts three days), playing ‘eitje tik’ (banging two hard-boiled eggs against each other, the person who holds the egg that cracks loses). But we also like to hide and search for painted eggs like everyone else does. Mom hid them so well that we would find a very smelly polka dotted egg weeks later. If you want to play it safe, chocolate eggs are the way to go! We especially like these pastel colored ones. They are not only delicious, but pretty too! Which is why we decided to decorate our Easter Rocky Road with them. We gave the classic dessert an Easter twist by coloring the chocolate spring green with matcha!


  • 400 gr white chocolate
  • 4 ts matcha
  • 150 gr tea biscuits
  • Handful of pistachios
  • 3/4 cup mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate eggs and more mini marshmallows to decorate

rockyroad3Step 1: Chop the chocolate and then slowly melt it over a hot-water bath. Once melted, mix in the matcha.

rockyroad5Step 2: Let the mixture cool, otherwise the marshmallows and chocolate eggs will melt. You’ll want to see the different ingredients when you cut the Rocky Road into chunks!

Step 3: Mix in the biscuits and the fillings

Step 4: Tip the mixture into a baking tray or any other dish, lined with some parchment paper, and arrange the chocolate eggs and leftover marshmallows on top. We’d advice you to arrange the chocolate eggs in a way you’ll be able to cut squares without having to cut through the eggs.

rockyroad6Step 4: Refrigerate for about an hour. Then cut into squares and keep them in a container in the fridge. (You can see where we went wrong and had to cut through the chocolate eggs kinda ruining the look of some of the bars….Learn from our mistakes! 😉 )


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