Yumiko Higuchi

yumikohiguchi3Whilst browsing the ever so interesting world of Pinterest (we could seriously live there), we kept coming across these insanely beautiful embroideries by Yumiko Higuchi. Even while searching for crafts books on Etsy, her name kept coming up. We have both been obsessed with embroidery for years, but seeing these amazing little pieces sparked our interested once more. So we did some research, and pretty much every piece of embroidery was so inspirational to us.

yumikohiguchi2Yumiko Higuchi is a Japanese ‘embroidery artist’, based in Tokyo. Her work is organic and amazingly detailed yet remaining clean. It is nostalgic, yet modern at the same time. Higuchi was born in 1975 and worked as bag designer after graduating from Tama Art University. In 2008 she started focusing on embroidery and has released several books since.

yumikohiguchi1 Higuchi books are in Japanese, but anyone can follow the detailed photo instructions of her stitches and patterns used to embroider on pouches, coinpurses, collars and bows. You can practically embellish everything! As for us, we’ll soon help you create some cosy socks with the simpelest little embroideries. Try it even if you have never embroidered before!

yumikohiguchi4See more of Yumiko Higuchi’s work:






(Pictures do not belong to us, found on http://yumikohiguchi.com/, https://www.facebook.com/embroideryart.jp and Pinterest)

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